professional-bioTracy Weller


Tracy Weller is an actress, writer, and Founder/Artistic Director of theatre company Mason Holdings. She has performed throughout New York City and abroad in Germany, South Korea and Italy. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Design Live, and Chance Magazine, as well as on WNYC and Gothamist. Some NYC credits include: Hart Island (writer/performer), Jarring (writer/performer, play and short film, Finalist, Blow-Up International Arthouse Film Festival); Holiday House: Christmas Bends (writer/performer); Consumption (by Devin Burnam, conceived/developed by Mason Holdings); Most Sincerely, Edward Albee (writer/performer, Women in Theatre Festival); Love & Death Traveling Circus (by Devin Burnam, Women in Theatre Festival), and Found (featuring the artwork of Mikel Glass, in partnership with The Cell Theatre). She is the creator and curator of Mason Holdings’ Unseen & Unheard, a monthly play reading series for innovative writers working outside the bounds of commercial theatre (producing over twenty-five playwrights in three years), and writer/producer of The Mason Holdings Radio Hour (an experiential podcast in the spirit of old-fashioned radio), featuring The Lost Diaries of Elena Hoyos. In development: Small Acts of Daring Invention. Tracy received her MFA from Columbia University, with additional training from Anne Bogart and SITI Company. Trained as a classical ballet dancer, she has additional experience in flamenco, modern, mime, and biomechanics.


At four, Tracy started composing and singing opera in her mother’s garden.  These operas could go on for hours and the neighbors noticed.  Her voice was enormous but her pitch was off.

In fifth grade, she wrote and directed a series of ghoulish murder mysteries to perform for show and tell.   The violence was spectacular.  The teachers pulled the plug on show and tell.

A bunch of other complicated stuff happened (she got hit by a car, her brother ran away, her dad moved into the basement) and she got lice – chronic lice.**  There wasn’t any point in washing or brushing her hair anymore, so she pulled it all back into a permanent bun and studied ballet (thank you Boston Ballet and School of American Ballet) — very seriously (a little too seriously).  Bow-legged but exceptionally devout, she worked harder than any of the pretty legged girls. Late adolescence revealed that not even a masochistic work ethic and two years in a hideous corrective brace could straighten her crookedness.

So she took her ugly legs and auditioned for a play.  What a wonder – like being back in the garden, four years old.  Then she wrote some stories that people seemed to like.  She performed in big places (The Met, Italy, Germany, South Korea) and little places (Uncle Ming’s, The Vortex, the 2 train, Bowery Poetry Club, The Ohio, etc.)

Nowadays…she is still exactly who she always was: an actress, writer and sometime painter, doodler and puppet-maker.  If you want to make something interesting, she’ll come running and skipping.  Storytelling is the holy game and she will play with anyone who believes.

**She also had scabies.  You might not have guessed that.