Creations and Press

Creations & Press

Hart Island

  • “Gives voice to stories that would otherwise be lost.”

    —The New York Times

  • “Weller’s powerful, lyrical script at once captures the desolation and despair of Hart Island as well as its beauty…”

    —Theatre Is Easy

  • “A profound meditation on what New York City and the rest of the world has gone through in the past few years: a spectrum of emotion from abject grief to acceptance.”


  • “This theatrical event should be seen and heard both for its expansive intellectual reach and its extraordinarily immersive empathy.”

    —Theatre Reviews from my Seat

  • “Mason Holdings’ haunting Hart Island epitomizes downtown, avant-garde performance at its best: cerebral, theatrical, scrupulously researched, and bursting with heart.”

    —Theatre Is Easy

  • “Powerful and Beautifully Staged.”


  • “Absorbing.”

    —The New Yorker

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  • “… surreal and hallucination-like… you need to book tickets for Consumption immediately.”

    (Read more on Theatre Is Easy)

  • “…outstanding performances…. I felt like a witness to someone else’s life, one that I just dropped into.”

    (Read more on The Reading Salon)

  • “We’re all witnesses to a fever dream—one that gets stranger and stranger over time…. Mason Holdings takes audiences on a wild ride through a somewhat true story.”

    (Read on No Proscenium)

  • “The performances were captivating…”

    (Read more on OnStage Blog)

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Holiday House

  • “If your taste is more experimental than established, check out this new movement-theater work from the Mason Holdings theater company and the writer and performer Tracy Weller”

    (Read more at the New York Times)

  • “an ageless, Russian doll-like specter; a white rabbit, of sorts, leading us into the labyrinth of her own memories and distorted reflections”

    (Read more at Stage Buddy)

  • “the experience is about as intimate as theatre gets”

    (Read more on Theater is Easy)

  • “an immensely watchable performance mostly due to the infallible Tracy Weller who’s mastering of the numerous characters is nothing short of absolutely astounding”

    (Read more on AXS)

  • “a spellbinding performance that begins full of whimsicality and gradually drifts into corridors quivering with madhouse echoes.”

    (Read more at Stage Buddy)

  • “An exquisitely immersive set design coupled with an eerie and uncomfortable performance makes this piece of downtown theatre haunting and intriguing”

    (Read more on Theater is Easy)

  • “Within a few seconds, it is easy to forget that you are in a theater and instead feel as if you are a guest in a private home.”

    (Read more on AXS)

  • “the show is creepy, perverse, and even a bit morbid. That’s my kind of holiday show, but if you’re looking for It’s a Wonderful Life, you’re not going to find it here”

    (Read more on Theater is Easy)

  • “if you’re an adventurous theatregoer, Holiday House intrigues. Weller’s performance is spine-chilling and riveting. Justin and Christopher Swader’s set design is a triumph. Zach Blane’s lighting and Phil Carluzzo’s sound complete the immersive experience.”

    (Read more on Theater is Easy)

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